Hello there. Welcome. I’m Meghan McClure and this project is a companion to the chapbook Portrait of a Body in Wreckages published by Newfound Press. In lieu of readings and events I have created this space to share some of my research, inspiration, and work from Portrait of a Body in Wreckages. As someone who has a hard time getting to readings for many reasons, I aim to create an accessible space to share my work in the form of readings, quotes, and a smattering of other things, as well as the work of others (See: Compendium). So, thank you for visiting. Make yourself comfortable and peruse at your own time and pace. I’m glad you are here.

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If you are interested in purchasing Portrait of a Body in Wreckages, you can get it here. If you would like a signed copy, order from here and shipping is on me.

And here are some nice things writers I admire had to say about my chapbook:



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